Elegant Indoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Indoor Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to look perfect. Many want to make these perfect weddings happen on a budget. Here are ways to decorate for a wedding with very little money and make your wedding look fabulous:

1. Keep it simple
One of the best ways to save money is to go for an elegant and understated look. Many weddings are showy and full of flowers and color, but they don’t have to be that way to look beautiful. A single flower in a bud vase on a white tablecloth can look incredibly elegant.

2. Use color to your advantage.
Lead people to look at the bride with colorful bouquets of flowers just on the center aisle of the church and another burst of color in her bouquet. Choose one bright color and use it to bring the eye to the areas you want to showcase.Instead of having elaborate flower arrangements at all corners of the reception, place one ornate, colorful bouquet on the bride and groom’s table and repeat the theme in single flowers on the other tables.

3. Splurge on one aspect
Do you want the bride and groom to stand under a rose-covered arbor? What a romantic idea. It can be achievable. Splurge on the arbor and make it splendid. Everyone’s gaze will be drawn to the one ornate decoration and the simple decorations you choose for the rest of the church will complement the arbor, but won’t need to be as big.

4. Use recycled, re-purposed, or borrowed decorations
The best weddings are the ones that reflect the style and warmth of the bride and groom. Choosing to put your own belongings and those of your friends and family into the ceremony and reception is a wonderful way to infuse the occasion with your own personal style and make it uniquely memorable. Thrift stores can produce treasured finds for those wishing to put together a wedding on a budget. Make the wedding eclectic on purpose. Unify the theme with similar colors and choose truly original decorations of similar color, shape, and design. They need not match exactly. Ask close friends if you can borrow vases, napkins and rings, or even flowers from their gardens.

5. Use your imagination and be playful
This is a wonderful way to capture moments that wouldn’t otherwise be preserved, and it is a lot of fun for everyone. Utilize companies like Oriental Trading Company that specialize in cheap decorations. Use white butcher paper for tablecloths and leave colored pens or crayons on the tables. Ask guests to write messages to the bride and groom on the tablecloths. Put disposable cameras on each table at the reception and ask guests to take their own pictures. They are certainly single-use decorations, but this is a one-time event. It is fun to browse these catalogues, and using decorations like these adds a feeling of play to the celebration of your marriage, which is a good quality to bring out in any relationship.

Have fun and don’t take the day too seriously. You can have a memorable wedding, no matter what your budget. Use all the friends, resources, and imagination you have available and you’ll create a wedding to remember and a marriage to last a lifetime.

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