The Manner of Wedding Table Ideas

Table Manner of  WeddingGetting married is a wonderful occasion where family and friends gather to celebrate. Part of what makes this day or evening so special is the effort that goes into setting it up and all the planning to make it look amazing. One of the best parts that you cannot forget when planning your wedding is the wedding table decoration. If you want to have a modern wedding with a twist, you can easily use flowers in a different way as part of your wedding table decoration. You can create a simple, elegant look with low square vases with a grouping of one type of flower using just the head. This will get everyone’s attention the minute they walk into the reception venue. Here are some great ideas for simple yet effective decorations. Learn about some simple but effective wedding table decoration ideas. These ideas will help you to plan a perfect wedding and will make your reception venue look amazing. They are also cost effective and easy to do yourself.

You can use roses, carnations, and any other large petal flower for this. Then to top it all off you can place this on a large mirror in the middle of the table with tea light candles surrounding it for a magical evening. For creating a romantic wedding table decoration you can use some large urn type vases that are either glass or metal. Inside you can place huge bunches of the same kind of flower, like the ones with the tiny flowers used in bouquets. These give a fanciful fairy like quality. You can also use some hanging crystals to make this stand out even more. If you want to make your wedding table decoration more fanciful, then how about a busy bouquet of colorful flowers along with berries, twigs, crystals, and glittered butterflies. This will make quite an impact using white table cloths and gold cutlery and crockery.

outdoor wedding table decoration

Now, for something totally different without using any flowers, you can use wedding table decorations that are more ornamental. You can use statuettes or glass figurines. If you have a small budget and are not sure about the table decorations, here is an idea. You can use a group of pillar candles and surround a tall specimen vase that has just a single rose in it. This will be cheap and also look elegant. You could also make a memorable and personal table decoration with some large photo frames and a special picture of the bride and groom. You might also hang everyone’s wedding favors from this in little organza bags. You can even do this with a glittered bare tree. On this tree you can hang all the favors in silver or gold, or the color of your wedding bags. You can even hang some crystals from here as well to make a sparkly wedding table centerpiece.

These are just some basic ideas, but you can use these and combine them to make up your own special wedding table decorations. There are so many other things you can think of for this and remember that you don’t have to use flowers. There are plenty of other beautiful decorations you can use.

Butterflies Wedding Theme Ideas

The butterfly is a beautiful creature that many are incredibly fond of. Have you ever wanted a wedding filled with these gorgeous, delicate creatures? Now you can have that butterfly themed wedding plus much, much more. Let us paint a picture in our minds. We do not need a typical white wedding dress, if you’d prefer not to wear one. Choose maybe a dress of a pastel color, such as a light blue, periwinkle, or pale pink. With wedding favors decked out in butterflies, as well as a few other tweaks, you could have the butterfly wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Decortation Butterfly

Instead of releasing doves as the bride comes down the aisle, release elegant butterflies of all types. As the bride steps down to the music of her choice, the butterflies are released moments later, and a rush of color sweeps behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. As the ceremony comes to an end, the celebration begins. We enter into a room decorated with tables, chairs, and a stage for music. On each table a white cloth is draped over. In the center of each of these tables a small frame is placed, decorated with butterflies, and the couple being celebrated, smiling in the picture.

The altar and the aisle seats are draped in a soft fabric that compliments the pastel color of the bride’s dress. The bridesmaids can also be dressed in pastel color dresses, with the groomsmen in matching ties or shirts. Surrounding the frame are small butterfly tea lights, which creates an inexpensive centerpiece perfect for low lighting. Small, pewter butterfly card holders are placed around the table displaying the guest’s names proudly. The guests are greeted by our theme in abundance, but it only gets better. The bookmarks are oval and silver, topped with a silver butterfly. A large cake is rolled out decorated with our theme, butterflies in vibrant colors dance around the cake.

Bottles of champagne sit next to our beautiful cake, each bottle topped with a butterfly bottle stopper. A simple silver butterfly key chain is an ideal wedding favor as well. Candles are one item that may be a little tougher because there are just so many to choose from! Each guest can leave with the perfect wedding day favor. Perhaps in the center of each table a few little butterfly bookmark’s can be placed. Joining the bookmarks can be butterfly key chains, candles, and magnetic memo clips. We wouldn’t want to overwhelm guests with too many butterflies, but little wedding favors are perfect with pastel colors.

And all of these favors are within any bride’s budget! So go wild, and release the butterflies. Should we go with a small pastel one, with a butterfly painted on it? Or perhaps a pewter butterfly that holds a small tea light? If you can not decide which direction you would like to head with candles, there is always a small silver butterfly that also acts as a magnetic memo holder, perfect for any of your guest’s fridge!

Beautiful Spring Wedding Favors Ideas

Spring is a fabulous time of year for weddings. Many couples choose to have a wedding in the springtime because it is such a wonderful time of year when the plants start to flourish after a dormant winter. With the combination of a variety of flowers in bloom and the temperate weather, many couples feel as though spring is the ideal time for a wedding. These couples are also likely to want to give there guests wedding favors which are closely associated to the spring season. This article will offer a few ideas for wedding favors which would be appropriate for weddings in the springtime.

Spring Wedding Favors Ideas
Flowers are one of the most obvious choices for wedding favors for a spring wedding. Spring is one of the best times of year for fresh flowers. There are a wide variety of bright and fragrant flowers which are available in the spring. Couples who get married at this time of year may have trouble choosing flowers for centerpieces and bouquets because there are so many options available to them. Because flowers are so plentiful this time of year, giving flowers as wedding favors is also a very common practice at spring weddings. The couple may choose to give fresh flowers because they are so bright and fragrant or artificial flowers because they will serve as a lasting memento of the wedding for the guests. With either option the couple may choose to give either a single flower or a bouquet of flowers tied with a ribbon matching the other colors used at the wedding.

Knick knacks such as ceramic umbrellas or ceramic rain boots can also be very cute wedding favors for a springtime wedding. These favors can also often be personalized to include the name of the bride and the groom as well as the wedding date. By personalizing the favor the couple makes the gift more appropriate for the wedding but by keeping the favor related to the season the couple makes the favor a really fun gift for the guests.

Real umbrellas can also be used as favors for a springtime wedding. In many locations, spring is typically a rainy time of year. A favor of umbrellas is a really practical idea because the guests are likely to be able to use the favor for years to come. One way to personalize this type of favor is to include a small tag on the handle with the name of the bride and the groom as well as the wedding date. The umbrellas can also be made more appropriate for the season by seeking out umbrellas in bright pastel colors.

 Wedding Favors Spring

A final idea for springtime wedding favors is simply candy. There are candies available in a variety of vibrant colors. While chocolate bars with personalize wrappers may be popular wedding favors year round, couples having a spring wedding may wish to select more colorful candies such as jelly beans or hard candies which come in a variety of colors. These candies can be distributed in see through containers such as votive candle holders or clear bags so the colors will be prominently displayed at the place settings. This type of wedding favor is not only a great deal of fun but it also relates very well to the season of the wedding and it is a favor which is likely to be greatly appreciated by the guests. While it is not a favor which will serve as a lasting memento of the wedding, it is a favor your guests will enjoy while they are eating the favor.